Our Friday at Burnaby campus

26 07 2009

I’ve learned a few lessons too. Following our Tuesday event, when we did our chalk outlines and collected signatures, to thank them who signed our petition for their support, while reminding those who gave us “yes”-es for having at least one spare cellphone, that we will be at Burnaby campus on Friday to collect them. The only person who replied me was so upset that I sent her the email, for breaching her privacy, and that I should take her off the list. Moral of the story: use that “Bcc” option! Apparently by doing that, nobody else who you’re sending your email to, can see the other email address. Oops, I’ve never used that option before, never needed to, and honestly, never knew what it was for. Moral of the story #2:  stop being ignorant and think of other people’s feelings about some random emails. So I’ve done that, when I sent out another email, thanking our supporters from our Friday event.

Second lesson: the bureaucracy thing, as Beatrice have mentioned in the previous post. On Tuesday, we got in trouble for drawing with chalks on the floor, which could’ve been easily cleaned up. And we were almost out of at least $38 if the person in charge had not let us get away with that once. On Friday, being a little bit more “prepared” than Tuesday, we still had a little mishap. Apparently there was another “complaint” for us being at the convo mall, but luckily and thanks to Beatrice, we were able to deal with it. Moral of the story: make sure you get all the licensing you need to do things like this at school.

Third lesson: people can be really egotistical. So you’ve read the story about the “trade” that someone attempted from Beatrice’s post. Two old phones for your newer one!!  Here’s another one: someone offered us $5 for a phone. And of course, we said no, explaining him that the phones were for donations. And he said, well the $5 was a donation, instead of a phone. And again, we had to politely say no to him, and he walked away. Moral of the story: many people don’t really care about what you’re doing, let alone why you’re doing it.

Despite all of the above, our Friday wasn’t so bad. We got a few more people attempting to donate their phones. And we did get more attention from the traffic, though it was a fairly slow Friday. The wind wasn’t helping either, making our giant paper bibs very wrinkled. Not only we had to hold a certain position, we looked dorkier than we thought! We got to bond with some classmates too! Yay! Moral of the story: we managed to have fun after all!




2 responses

26 07 2009

we rocked those paper bibs! lol

26 07 2009

hahahahahah…we looked so uber-dorky while we were at them too.

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